Monday, September 24, 2012

Worst Segueway of the Week Award: Fox & Friends links the Emancipation Proclamation Anniversary to Obama's 'Government Plantations'

Its almost laughable that "Are you using the term slavery too loosely?" was even asked in this segment of FNC's Fox & Friends Weekend Sept. 22 edition. No matter what vaguely cogent argument may have come out of 'Blacklash' author and FNC contributor, Deneen Borelli's mouth, all the while she spoke, the lower third of the screen was littered with terms that specifically refer to black slavery: Indentured to Government Borelli: Americans being enslaved by debt, The Government 'Plantation' US enslaving citizens with debt. 

Clearly, no one at Fox & Friends Weekend thought it was a bit much to link the two for the sake of taking a dig at the Obama administration on what is usually such a Fair and Balanced® Saturday morning news show.

As long as this show is on the air seven days a week, The Daily Show will never run out of material. Or Saturday Night Live for that matter. At best, Fox & Friends is a self-spoofing show. At worst, and sadly to boot, the show is a popular and power platform for launching attacks on leftist or progressive causes and the Obama administration with facts full of 'truthiness' and octopus-like conspiracy theories. Fox & Friend also experiences frequent visits from Republican nominee Mitt Romney, as the NYT notes.

And finally, to eliminate some of the noise about the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation draft as a result of FNC's hullabaloo, some video via the US National Archives youtube channel, which is an excellent and interesting panel discussion by academics and local community leaders. The panel was held as part of a Documented Rights civil rights eight-month exhibition in St. Louis which recently closed.

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